van Beusekom, Multi-value creation: it is not all about the money

We are currently transitioning from an unsustainable, linear economy to a sustainable circular economy (Broekhoven, 2018). The current transaction model where the company takes the lead should change to a model where many actors create a coherent set of values together (Jonker, 2016). This model is called multi-value creation and leads to new, sustainable business models based on the circular economy. Voors (2017) in her Master thesis researched which values are created and by whom. Her sample existed out of MNCs with their headquarters in Europe that all engaged with the Bottom of the Pyramid. This raises the question if these results can be generalized. This research will replicate her research, but with a sample of MNCs from both developed and emerging markets. Besides, this research will develop a measurement tool to measure multi-value creation. Currently, no suitable measurement tools are available, and this research aims to solve that problem. Important parts of multi-value creation are identified, and a new measurement tool is developed.

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