Nieuwland, Adoption of New Business Models: Development of a measurement tool

This thesis analyses the adoption of New Business Models in multinational corporations.  The aim of this research is to develop a tool to measure the extent to which multinational  corporations adopt New Business Models. Additionally, the measurement tool can be used to compare the extent to which a multinational corporation adopts New Business Models with other multinational corporations. This research has been conducted by analysing the annual and  sustainability reports of ten multinational corporations from different countries in the regions:  Western Europe, Asia and Africa. After this, an additional group consisting of five multinational  corporations from the same regions were analysed to deepen the insights on the results of the initial  analysis. The measurement tool consists of five dimensions of New Business Models. The dimensions are: materiality matrix, multi value creation, stakeholders, performance measures and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the dimensions, subcategories are formed and  categorised to what extent the subcategories are in accordance with New Business Models. Based  on the dimensions and the subcategories, a measurement tool is developed that measures the extent  to which the multinational corporation adopts a New Business Model. This research adds to  previous research by proposing a global measurement tool that can examine the level of New  Business Model adoption in multinational corporations. This research aims to be a starting point  towards measurement tools in the New Business Models literature and aims to contribute to the  ongoing debate on New Business Models.

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