Nestler, What can we learn from social entrepreneurs and their community building aspect for future business models?

This master thesis tries to give new insights about future business model opportunities by scrutinizing
social entrepreneurs and their community building aspects. Taking business- models and ideas of
Porter (Kramer & Porter, 2011) and Jonker (Jonker, 2014) in the multi-actor multi-value matrix by
Pennink (Pennink, 2016) into account one could see that those models have a strong company
perspective. Unlike their approaches, this paper tries to give a deeper understanding of the society
value creation of community projects. It examines the benefits and the purpose of “value models”
within the society by conducting in-depth interviews with social entrepreneurs. Using the grounded
theory by creating codes and memos of the interviews, the authors came to the conclusion that social
entrepreneurs act next to community problem catalysts also as a catalyst for individuals, have a high
dependency on their network and extremely grow in participation numbers.

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