Kosa, Creating value and remaining viable in low-income markets: application to the Indian Bottom of the Pyramid

This paper aims to explore how to build up a sustainable business model (BM) with multiple value creations and to apply this to the context of the Indian Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). For this, a general BoP BM is created based on four pillars: Customer, Value Proposition, Organizational Architecture and Economic Dimension. Then, the model is applied to the Indian BoP context. In the end, two real life examples are introduced based on in-depth interviews with CEO’s of relevant companies. This study gives the reader an insight up to what extent a general BoP BM must be further elaborated in case of targeting a specific (now Indian) BoP market. Even though several parts of the BM can be directly applied to the given context, there are numerous unique demographical, geographical and psychographic characteristics of the Indian society which require further elaboration.

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