Hogendorp, New Business Models – The Effect of Social Value Orientation on Cooperative Disposition

This thesis aims to contribute to the lacking scientific literature on new business
models, social value orientation and social entrepreneurship via a combination of a
quantitative and qualitative research. The research examines how individuals feel
about the desirability and viability of certain alternative business models and
whether an individual’s social value orientation influences his or her beliefs on these
topics. The qualitative aspect of the research was carried out via interviews, with a
total sample of 10, while the quantitative aspect of the research was carried out via
an open-question questionnaire with a total sample size of 86. The quantitative data
was collected over a period of 10 days in order to give respondents enough time to
fill out the questionnaire, while the interviews were carried out over a longer
timeframe, due to the limited availability of each of the respondents. Although not
all hypotheses proved to be significant, there are implications for organisations and
researchers, highlighting the importance of an individual’s social value orientation.

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