Introduction to theme (regional)

The regional factors that influence the entrepreneurial activities (with section on  Competitiveness of the region, Quality of the regional situation).

III.1. Competitiveness of the region

Regional competitiveness is the ability to produce goods and services which meet the test of international markets, whilst at the same time maintain high and sustainable levels of income. In other words, for a region to be competitive it is important to ensure both quality and quantity of jobs.  Competiveness of the region is placed on the right side of the model, suggesting that coordination approaches and the role of several actors can improve it. Research and theses have established relationships between concepts and improved competitiveness. For example, Dooijeweerd (2012) has found that innovation and collaboration positively influence competitiveness of a region.

Future research should focus on finding ways and means through which the competitiveness of a regional can be improved, while identifying and eliminating the threats to the regions competitiveness. Furthermore, more solid connections between the regional competitiveness domain and the leadership function, institutions and entrepreneurship domains should be established.

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III.2. Quality of the regional situation

The current situation of a region has to be taken strongly into account, when compiling a regional economic development plan. Regional economic development theories highlight that development potential and competitive advantage are strongly localized elements. The distinctive characteristics of each region influence the economic development process. Research and theses on this topic address the quality of the regional situation by describing how people live in developing regions, if changes are desired by local people, entry conditions for businesses, economic imbalances, technology transfer, and government and logistic uncertainties. Moreover,  approaches in the field of coordination are suggested to improve the quality of the regional situation.

Future research should focus on defining what exactly the quality of the regional situation is, and on finding the most relevant quantitative and qualitative indicators that can be used to assess it. Furthermore, researchers should focus on addressing how the quality of the regional situation influences the Local Economic Development process and its outcomes.

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