VII. 1 New causal model for sharing value in New Business Models

Gerrits and Pennink (2021) build a causal model in order to understand the process of sharing value in cooperation with different actors in New Business Models. They executed eight case studies in Belgium and Dutch energy cooperatives. Energy cooperatives provide the perfect background as they are moving towards new business models. Also executing these case studies in different countries provides insights about the influence of different institutional contexts. Following is a depiction of the causal model. For theory, this provides a direction to apply the model in other types of organizations or in other research designs/ methods to substantiate the identified causal linkages or to find alternative causal linkages and eventually establish propositions that are more valid. This could eventually have managerial implications, because this provides guidance for managers in influencing or manipulating certain variables to successfully create shared value. For more information about the causal model, please take a look at the article