Hoogeveen, Exploring the Dynamics of Creating Shared Value at the BoP: Into the Direction of a Theoretical model

The concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV), where both economic, social, and ecological  values are included in business models, has received increasing attention in recent years. The concept has been incorporated in different Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) at the  Bottom of the Pyramid, which will be the context this research will be focussing on. However,  there is still limited understanding of the dynamics, linkages, and causal factors for explaining  CSV, which has resulted in the demand for a comprehensive theoretical model. This  research aims to contribute to the existing literature by developing a theoretical model that  further extends our knowledge about CSV. This will be done in three steps. First, this research explores the shared value creation process from both a micro- and meso-level  perspective, which will be formulated in a process model. Second, this research further  develops the causal model of Gerrits & Pennink (2021), by distinguishing which factors influence shared value creation at the BoP. Third, insights from the process and causal  model will be used for developing a theoretical model. This results in the following research question: What is the process of shared value creation of actors operating at the Bottom of  the Pyramid at both the micro- and meso-level, and which factors explain shared value  creation? To answer the research question, 10 employees of 4 types of organizations operating at the BoP (MNEs, NGOs, Governmental Agencies, and Independent Knowledge  Institutes) were interviewed to collect rich data. Based on these results, a comprehensive  theoretical model is derived that contributes to the further understanding of the concept of  CSV. 

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