Bekkers, Avoiding the natural resource curse: The case of the Tanzanian natural gas exploitation. ​

This research aimed to uncover factors that can help developing countries with significant amounts of natural resources in avoiding the so-called ‘natural resource curse’. Previous studies show mixed results; some countries show a surge in economic growth, whereas others end up with conflicts and environmental degradation, i.e. the natural resource curse. Posing local economic development and innovation as sources of national economic growth (the antithesis of the natural resource curse), this case study involved semi-structured interviews with various local stakeholders on the topic of recent natural gas findings in Tanzania. From the analysis of the interview data, a number of factors were uncovered that may lead to positive outcomes of resource exploitation. These factors include (1) the government, (2) knowledge and education, (3) local participation, (4) revenues, (5) transparency, (6) legal issues, and (7) finance and capital. 

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