Model components and description

At a first look the model looks complex and to be honest it is. Yet, with some help, it will be possible to develop an overall impression and to develop questions on: why is this factor missing or how is is a said phenomenon explained by the model?

The first step is come up with six themes and within each theme we have some sections (except theme 6).

The six themes are; 

1. The essence of the model in terms of entrepreneur activities that might contribute to economic profit and improving quality  of life. (with section on Entrepreneurial activities, Quality of local community and Local capacity).

2. The local factors that influence the entrepreneurial activities (with section on Role of outside actors . Empowerment and Institutions).

3. The regional factors that influence the entrepreneurial activities (with section on  Competitiveness of the region, Quality of the regional situation and leadership).

4. The institutional setting of the entrepreneurial activities (with sections on.The coordination question (with sections on Link between institutions and  empowerment and Link between institutions and human coordination).

5. The question of coordination between all the actors included in this model (with sections on Collaboration on more than one level, Link between human coordination and empowerment and Link between human coordination and entrepreneurial activities).

6. The transition  from traditional to New Business models: Entrepreneurship , SDG’s and New Business models (with one section on this transition).